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Web Design, Blogs & Social Media

"A professionally designed website is being surpassed only by a well designed blog and social media campaign."

Websites are quickly being replaced by blog software. The difference between the two is functionality. Blog technology today allows for customization of the look and feel - just like any traditional website. Your website or blog may incorporate: multimedia, web tools, custom web applications or e-commerce - we work with you to build a website or blog that grows with your business.

Web Design

Our sites are designed for the best web browser compatibility so none of your visitors will be turned away. The majority of technology we use is well supported and long established, though we can also incorporate the newest features while still making the site accessible. Our skilled programmers can produce markup language that is fully validated to open standards.

Modular architecture can enhance the usability and functionality of large web sites, and means that information is updated only once and duplicate data is non-existent.

Navigation is dynamically generated for an entire web site, or just an online store. Pull-down navigation menus are a convenient way to provide access between pages, and only need to be updated once for it to propagate throughout your entire web site.

Special consideration is always made to make web sites printable for people who want to take their information with them, or share it conveniently with their colleagues at meetings.


Blog technology today has the capacity to integrate a marketable look and feel, while providing the power of editing it yourself. The premium benefit of blog technology is the catalogue and archive features along with real simple syndication feeds.

A blog helps your company manage stories, media information, and build a resource centre with articles, conference material, and publications. You can also insert powerful media tools like YouTube videos and mp3 music files, just to name a few.

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Social Media Networking

Star Global can help your organization promote, manage and reach a wider audience by recommending a few social media networks. Community sites like Twitter,, Digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, and an e-newsletter can help you get your message across.

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