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Our Process

"Our approach is intended to make the development process easy, organized and cost effective for our clients:"

Contact Us - By email or telephone.

Initial Questionnaire - You will be emailed an initial questionnaire to fill out and return.

Free 30 minute consultation - We review your answers to the questionnaire which leads to an estimate. Together we'll decide if we need to meet face to face; or whether communication by telephone and email will suffice.

Estimate - After our initial consultation, we determine either a ballpark or comprehensive estimate based on your objectives and goals.

Analyze - We analyze what you have now, and where you need to go. This phase identifies your company's overall strategic, marketing, financial objectives and timeframe. Together with you, we devise a comprehensive implementation plan.

Storyboard Development - This is where we outline the information, design and supporting technology needed to approach the project.

Content & Image Gathering - Deliverables at this stage may include sketches, logos, renderings, and photographs. Working from the storyboard, we begin to gather content from you in sections.

Production - Deliverables at this stage may include visual design templates, customized programming interfaces and graphic designs. This phase provides the visual framework and navigational design based on user interaction. You are supplied with a password-protected area for viewing the test template.

Database Testing - Database modules are provided with a projected time-line for staged development

Client Review - Deliverables include integration of design elements and solutions prepared for testing. This ensures reliability of components.

Testing and Feedback - This is required for the refinement of content and quality assurance checks.

Approval - This stage of development prepares for the launch of your project/website. Final server destination requirements are completed, and launch is signed off.

Solution - All components are ready and published for viewing. This stage is complimented with a predetermined plan for support and maintenance follow-up.

Maintenance - Updates within 24 hours, internal modification.